Safety Glasses with Rx option

SAFE EYES safety glasses are our aesthetic answer to the facts. Every person touches their face, unconsciously an average of 400 to 800 times a day. Continuous touching includes the eyes. SAFE EYES reduces the transmission of viruses and bacteria and protects at the same time against contact infection through unconscious contact with the mucous membranes of mouth, nose and eyes.

All SAFE EYES frames are made of high-quality stainless steel and temples made of medical polyamide plastic allowing the frames to be very light weight. The protective shields - whether for the eyes or for the whole face - can be easily attached within seconds. The distortion-free optics make them suitable for even the most demanding visual requirements.

  • hygienic protective shields made of polycarbonate
  • extremely light and at the same time very stable
  • very clear due to 91 % light transmission
  • optimal wearing and visual comfort via individual corrective lenses at an opticians
SAFE EYES Safety Glasses with Rx option, Protective Eye Shield

The SAFE EYES Protective Eye Shield reduces the transmission of viruses and bacteria via the mucous membranes of the eyes. SAFE EYES can be easily and comfortably combined with a separate mouth-nose protection.

SAFE EYES Safety Glasses with Rx option, Protective Face Shield

The SAFE EYES face shield has decisive advantages over the classic mouth-nose protection. It offers freedom to breathe and a clear view when looking down. Gestures, facial expressions and lip movements during conversation remain visible to your counterpart and the smile does not have to hide behind a layer of fabric!

In contrast to classic shields with headband, SAFE EYES glasses have the shield attached directly to the optimally fitting frame. Additional safety and comfort is provided by the eyewear strap cord, which is included. In addition, it is available as an accessory.

SAFE EYES Safety Glasses with Rx option, Tinted Protective Eye Shield

The tinted eye shield brings colour into play and is almost opaque to UV light (UV protection, 29 % transmission at 380 nm). Orange increases contrast, grey-blue reduces glare and pink provides a special fashionable accent. Whether as a protective accessory for a colourful view in everyday life or as glare and wind protection when cycling.