Safety Glasses 100% handmade in Germany

WHAT IS REALLY IMPORTANT? Health. More than ever. And who says that health protection shouldn't also be beautiful?

With SAFE EYES we have responsibly rethought the subject of PROTECTIVE EYEWEAR. Functional, aesthetic and flexible. So flexible that ONE pair of glasses becomes a versatile accessory depending on the purpose of use.

  • frames are ultralight and comfortable - approx. 8 grams
  • frames and protective shield made of high-quality materials for optimal visibility and durability
  • flexible use in everyday life, occupations and sports
  • unique interchangeable protective shield - eye protection/face protection/UV protection
  • high protective factor for the mucous membrane of the eyes
  • easy to clean and disinfect

CLEAR VIEW OF THINGS. If required the SAFE EYES models can be mounted with individual prescription lenses by an opticians.

The German eyewear label, MARKUS T, created SAFE EYES based on 20 years of KNOW HOW. With this innovation, we included the same passion for technical perfection and puristic design. Our products have been internationally recognized with numerous awards. More importantly, we love down-to-earth honesty – 100 % handmade in Germany. From the design to the sustainable manufacturing of the product to the shipping, we are extremely close to every detail. We have got the material and quality, literally in our hands.

* HANDMADE IN GERMANY also stands for our social responsibility. We accept this challenge and are ready to help, with your support. We will constantly give 20 percent of the SAFE EYES profits through monetary or product donations to regional and local organizations or initiatives. Click here for our current projects:

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